The character on each piece is the same: "生/LIFE", but each is unique, bearing a different expression. They are created in a variety of styles and inks, on numerous kinds of paper from around the world.

Paper /canvas from: Afghanistan, Bhutan, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Swiss, U.K., U.S., Vietnam and Zambia.

Ink /Chinese ink, Acrylic colour, Indigo colour, Walnut colour, Burnt Sienna colour, Charcoal, Pastel, Tea, Coffee, Incense

2015-2019, 23x17cm





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The more recent, larger artworks: also entitled 'Life' can be regarded as a development of the original 'Life' series. There are a lot of small 'Life' characters written on each canvas. For me, each of the 'Life' characters can look like the face or figure of a person. Hence the works may seem to  represent one aspect of our society as a whole. These works were made in a metaphorical manner. They also suggest the fact that butterfly eventually becomes beautiful in the final stage of its life cycle.

2019-2020, Acrylic on canvas



「生 」の群れは蠢(うごめ)く社会。


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Covid-19 is spreading around the world. It is still far from an end. In this extremely difficult period, I started to make the new works which feature a character 'Life' in a figurative manner. Delight, hope, courage, energy, depression, anxiety, sorrow, fear, anger.......

2020, Acrylic, Chinese ink on canvas




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