"LIFE" 2020

The world consists of various people who are living their own lives.

All the characters are the same: "LIFE" written on various kinds of paper from around the world.


The mountains in the Himalayas become visible for the first time in 30 years.

 Fishes swimming around the water can be seen in Venice canals.

Sea turtles are thriving on the empty beaches in Florida.

It seems that this awful virus has not only caused great damage,

but also has given us an opportunity to reflect on our approach to nature.






"LIFE" WAS BORN    2020

This is the Japanese character: "生/LIFE". The running of ink is a natural phenomenon. It is unpredictable, and beyond the control of human hands. I accept this in a positive way, and complete my works together with the power of nature. I think what we have to consider now is not "How we control nature for ourselves", but "How we control our life for nature".


"LIFE/生"  2018

From the 86 minute documentary feature film: 'Traces of the Soul'
05' 20"  Director: Martin Cooper

 'Traces of the Soul'
Winner: 'Best Contemporary Art Documentary' Master of Art Film Festival 2019

"LIFE/生"  2016  (English)

03' 03"
Director: UCHUJIN / Adrian Storey

"LIFE/生"  2016  (Japanese)

03' 03"
制作: UCHUJIN / Adrian Storey