"LIFE" 2020

The world consists of various people who are living their own lives.

All the characters are the same: "LIFE" written on various kinds of paper from around the world.


This is the Japanese character: "生/LIFE". The running of ink is a natural phenomenon. It is unpredictable, and beyond the control of human hands. I accept this in a positive way, and complete my works together with the power of nature. I think what we have to consider now is not "How we control nature for ourselves", but "How we control our life for nature".


"LIFE/生" 2018

From the 86 minute documentary feature film: 'Traces of the Soul'
05' 20" Director: Martin Cooper

'Traces of the Soul'
Winner: 'Best Contemporary Art Documentary' Master of Art Film Festival 2019

"LIFE/生" 2016 (English)

03' 03"
Director: UCHUJIN / Adrian Storey

"LIFE/生" 2016 (Japanese)

03' 03"
制作: UCHUJIN / Adrian Storey