All the characters are the same: "LIFE"

written on various kinds of paper from around the world.

The world consists of various people who are living their own lives.

In 2009, I started making a calligraphy performance "生/LIFE", to raise money for charity. I wrote the Oriental character "生/LIFE" repeatedly on a hundred pieces of paper in front of an audience, as a kind of prayer for children who died due to hunger-related issues. One day when I gazed at the many "生/LIFE" pieces on a wall in my studio, I noticed that each of the characters could be seen as faces and figures of people. At that moment, I thought of an idea that would enable me to express positively, the diversity of our world.

With the development of the Internet, everyone gained an opportunity to transmit his (her) own thoughts to the world. I hoped that this would widen the appreciation of diversity in society. But ironically, people seemed to just use this opportunity to become more focussed on selfish matters, and became indifferent and intolerant to others. As a result, our society is loosing its diversity and open-mindedness. We must remember this: If there are a hundred people, there are a hundred ways of life. We are all living under the same sky.

From this point of view, I started this project, culminating in the exhibition "生/LIFE". The characters on each piece are the same: "生/LIFE", but each one has different expression and each is created on a different type of paper from around the world. So far I have held this exhibition in Tokyo in 2016, Paris in 2018 and Hong Kong in 2019 so far. Now I am hoping to expand it around the world.






こうして "生/LIFE" 展は始まった。書かれた文字はすべて「生」の一字。世界各地の紙に書きしるした多様な表情を見せる「生」を一堂に展示する。この個展、これまでに東京(2016)、パリ(2018)、香港(2019)で開催してきた。これからもぜひ多くの国や地域へと拡げていきたい。